I highly recommend experiencing Kath's circles. A private and confidential way to connect, share and enjoy the company of other likeminded women.

Kath has exceptional communication skills and provides a supportive and nurturing environment.  Having many years of experience in areas such as Tai Chi, Qigong and Meditation, Kath shares these skills, facilitating the opportunity for others to enjoy mindfulness.

In our hectic life schedule, joining Kath’s circles is a lovely way to experience peace and to promote balance within our lives.

Corina Williams-Moir, RN

I recently attended one of Kath’s online workshops. Her comprehensive knowledge of the subject matter was obvious, but she was able to communicate these sometimes complex topics in a clear, accessible way to all participants.

The two-day workshop was well planned, with opportunities for group discussion and activities, and never felt overwhelming or stressful. Kath was flexible about taking breaks and adjusting the program when necessary.

It can’t be easy giving a workshop when you can’t see many faces and have minimal feedback, but Kath was very responsive to the mood of the virtual room and managed to keep her delivery personable and friendly the whole way through, despite the usual technical challenges.

Lorna Hendry AE ELS

I left Kath's circle feeling lighter and more connected.
What a gift it is to be able to express yourself and be heard, and to deeply listen to others.

Dr Sonya Duus

It’s consistently been an absolute pleasure, lovely and rewarding experience sitting in and actively participating in women’s circles facilitated by Kath.

Kath holds space for us all to equally participate; feeling safe and respected to do so. I love listening to Kath and all her guidance, as well as being in circle with others; it really helps to not feel so alone.

Thank you, Kath, beyond words.

Lina, WA

I left Kath's circle group feeling an unusual sense of connection with others. I felt accepted and supported. I feel less isolated just knowing that other women like me are out there and I look forward to developing a stronger network within my community through this group.

Nancy, NSW

Kath recently led me through a seven-hour Zoom workshop over two days. She was an approachable and enjoyable tutor who created a ‘classroom’ like space online – which is easier said than done! I found Kath’s workshops an encouraging and positive experience and would highly recommend her as a facilitator. 

Alysha, NSW

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