Women Rising Radio Show

In June 2021 I started volunteering on my local community radio station, YassFM 100.3.

My show is called ‘Women Rising’, with the subtitle ‘Nothing is Taboo’.

You can read about why I did this here and listen to past episodes below.  
Episode 1, 8 June 2021 (Second half only): I talk with Jabaru Boyd from Cairns about her fascinating journey to becoming a death doula. Connect with Jabaru
Episode 2, 15 June 2021: I talk with Wendy Hall, dementia doula and founder of Dementia Doulas International, the world's only dementia doula training organisation. 
Episode 3, 22 June 2021: I talk with Emma Sullings, founder of non-profit Happy Boxes Project, which distributes menstrual products and other healthcare supplies to girls and women in remote Australian communities. 
Episode 4, 24 August 2021: I talk with Malini Devadas, mindset coach for writers, editors and academics, to find out the common mindset traps tripping all of us up.  Connect with Malini
Episode 5, 7 September 2021: I talk with Adele Hausmann of HerSmile, who educates women so they have a healthy relationship with themselves and to learn to love and embrace who they are. Connect with Adele