the women's room: on the radio

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In June 2021 I started volunteering on my local community radio station, Yass FM 100.3. I began with a show called ‘Women Rising’. You can read about why I did this here.

In July 2022, after a long break, I returned to Yass FM with a new show, the women's room. Inside the women's room, nothing is taboo!

I've archived the episodes of Women Rising, but you can listen to episodes of the women's room below.  
Episode 2, 4 August 2022: I talk with Dr Natalie Flatt, a psychologist from Monash University and co-founder of Connect Psych Services. We chat about the science of emotions, mother guilt, elephants and more! Connect with Natalie here
Episode 1, 28 July 2022: I talk with Jabaru, a death doula and drummer who believes in the healing power of sound. Connect with Jabaru here