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Winter solstice reflections

Welcome to the winter solstice!

I think this is the first year I have paid suffficient attention to a) realise it was happening, b) organise a solstice bonfire, and c) take a few minutes to reflect on what this day symbolises for me.

For the last 4 years I've been on a menopausal journey that has taken me further down into the dark than I've ever travelled before. Talk about an extended metaphorical winter. But now, there's been a huge shift and change, and I have come back to life - as a friend said a few days ago when we bumped into each other at a cafe. I hadn't thought of it in that way, but she was totally right.

What does coming back to life look like for me?

  • I've been waking up and staying out of bed, for one thing. Huge!

  • I've been doing daily practise of qigong and meditation.

  • I've been cleaning and clearing the house, rearranging things to make sense and getting rid of crap. (I hadn't dusted my bedroom dresser for 6 months, as an example. Just. Couldn't. Do it.)

  • I've been cooking from a recipe book again, and ENJOYING cooking! Who knew!

  • I've started a 21-year-overdue bathoom renovation.

  • I've bought some house plants to bring some more energy into the house.

  • I've joined a local concert band and am learning to play the timpani.

  • I've been holding a fortnightly drumming circle.

  • I'm going to restart my women's radio show (if you are new here and didn't know I had one, you can hear past eps at

  • I've been dreaming up ideas for women's workshops and circles and events.

  • I could go on and write 50 more points, but I won't. I think you get the idea!

At my winter solstice bonfire, I invited my guests to bring an object to burn that represents something they want to let go of. I burnt a nature goddess sculpture I made out of wood, wire and dried flowers. It was made at a time when I wasn't feeling great - thoughts of unworthiness and comparison circled my head while I was creating it with a group of women at a weekend camping gathering. I've since grown and made peace with my feelings. I know I don't need to compare myself with others, and that I am worthy, because I can finally feel the truth of it. It's such a relief!

What would you burn in my solstice fire if you were there?

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