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Semicircles with friends, and the joy of surprise feedback

Once a month on average, I have a Zoom session with two good friends for our regular semicircle. I call it a semicircle because although we don't operate it formally, like I would with a regular online women's circle, we still each take turns to share what's been going on while the other two are on mute, being present and witness to our sharing without judgement or comment.

It's a refreshing way to talk about what's going on in our lives, because without interruptions, we are free to stop and think as we talk – free to process our emotions, cry or laugh, and come to terms with what's happening, rather than just bitch about it. Have you ever had a conversation with friends in which they interrupt, well meaning, to offer advice and solutions? That's all great, but sometime we just need to be heard and not 'fixed'. I am beyond grateful to these two women for co-providing this space with me.

After a recent semicircle was over I checked my email and had a lovely surprise from one of the students in my online qigong class. I record the sessions for those who can’t make it online at that time. After receiving that week’s recording, Kara wrote to me: “I am really enjoying the classes. I am doing them slowly from the recordings and that is working well for me. I appreciate your detailed instructions and flexible delivery so that I can participate.”

Nothing makes me smile more than unasked-for feedback like this, so thank you Kara! In the online Zoom world it can be hard to feel connected, but moments like this make it very worthwhile!

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