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Qigong classes online

Qigong is a bit like tai chi. It involves series of gentle movements that relax the mind and body while strengthening the muscles, ligaments and tendons.


Often described as meditation in motion, the smooth, flowing movements stimulate the flow of blood, lymph and qi (‘chi’ or energy) throughout the body, thus stimulating the immune system.


When the mind is focused on the present moment while doing the movements, your nervous system relaxes and balances, bringing peace of mind and feelings of wellbeing. It also slows and deepens your breathing. Regular practice can reduce pain related to inflammatory conditions and improve sleeping.

I run online qigong classes via Zoom. Currently the class runs from 730 to 815am on a Monday morning. The classes are recorded for you to watch if you miss the session.

I've just finished this session - how awesome are you! I loved the class and your instruction was spot on for me as a beginner. My back coped really well. Whenever I felt a twinge or tension anywhere like you said I just changed position or relaxed the movement a bit. Great stuff! Looking forward to this week's sesh.

Sharyn, Newcastle

Kath's online class was the first time I had tried qigong. The class was easy to follow and Kath gave very clear instructions about both the movements and the visualisations to assist with the energy work. After the class I felt very relaxed and calm - a great way to end an otherwise stressful day. 

Helene, Adelaide

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