Kupala provides professional, skills-based training that builds a strong and supportive sisterhood at work.

What is a workplace sisterhood?

Can you imagine a working environment where all women:

  • feel safe, valued, heard and respected

  • deeply connect and truly support each other

  • are provided with restful space and resources in times of need?

This can all be made possible with the support that comes form a strong workplace sisterhood. And the way to create a sisterhood is by harnessing the power of circle-based communication and mentoring. 


Sitting in a face-to-face women's circle with others gives everyone an equal opportunity to be seen and heard, promoting respect and valuing connection. The circle format allows all women to speak freely and to listen deeply. It also allows women to participate equally in making decisions. The deep trust, honest connection and open communication that will flow naturally from women being supported by their circle will empower them to create the meaningful, lasting changes they want to see in their workplace.

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