Kupala's workshops build awareness of menopause and teach communication skills that make it easier for women to talk about menopause at work.

There are more than 100 symptoms of menopause.

And many women don't even realise that the onset of menopause (called perimenopause) is the reason they may be starting to feel more stressed, anxious, forgetful. Why they get more easily annoyed and lose sleep. 

Hot flushes, night sweats and erratic periods are the most common signposts of perimenopause, but not everyone will get them. 

Even though symptoms vary, there's one certainty: that EVERY woman will go through menopause at some stage of her life. 

Half the working population go through this experience! Yet even these days, menopause is still a taboo topic in many workplaces. 

Contact me to find out about my menopause workshops and start breaking down this taboo.

It's past time. 

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