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Period-positive circles for girls

Educate and inspire your daughters with this fun, hands-on workshop on the power of understanding the menstrual cycle.

I am a certified First Moon Circle facilitator and have developed this workshop using the training provided by the wonderful Charlotte Pointeaux

A girl's experience of her first period - including their treatment by others - sets the tone for how they see themselves and their bodies afterwards, so a positive experience is vital.

Girls will explore periods, anatomy, products, puberty changes and be able to ask all those embarrassing questions. Mums or carers also attend to share insights and stories of their own (and most likely learn lots too!).


"My daughter came home feeling very positive & confident that she is prepared for what’s to come. Whilst I am very open & honest in our conversations about periods, I don’t feel I would have had the right words. It was great! Highly recommended." - Workshop mum

I can host First Moon Circles for girls aged 9-12 in the Canberra, Yass or Goulburn area, so get in touch if you are interested to know more. I can also present them in schools - let me know if you think your school would be interested.

Kath Kovac - Dalton, NSW, Australia - First Moon Circle School

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