About Kath

My  professional background is in research, science communication, editing, workshop  facilitation, training and coaching. I facilitate women's circles in my community and online and teach the mindful arts of tai chi, qigong and meditation.

But I also have a deep personal interest in women and their inter-relationships, inherent creativity and lived wisdom.

With my business, Kupala, I'm combining my professional training and communication skills with my community and teaching experience  to help women support women in the quest to establish true female-friendly workplaces and community spaces.

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Kupala helps women support women in the workplace and the community.

Our circle-based workplace training and community gatherings develop deep trust, honest connection and open communication between women.  

In circle, all women are given an equal voice.  They feel safe and supported. They feel accepted for who they truly are. And they feel empowered to bring about positive change in their workplaces and communities.

Kupala is directed by Dr Kath Kovac, a highly experienced workshop facilitator, trainer and mindfulness teacher based near Canberra.

The story of Kupala

Kupala is the Eastern European Slavic goddess of water, fire, herbs and fertility.

With her twin brother, Kupalo, she is the basis of summer solstice celebrations in these countries.

I chose the name Kupala in recognition of my own Croatian heritage and because I feel Kupala celebrates the integration of women in the workplace and community, enabling them to shine.