Kupala helps women support women in the workplace and the community.


By breaking down taboos about meno
pause, and accessing the wisdom of women through science and story.


Hi, I'm Dr Kath Kovac. 

Like many other women, menopause kicked me for six.
Picked me up, shook me around like a dog with chew toy,
and spat me out on the floor. 

It took me a couple of years to get back up. With the help of friends and family,  the practices of meditation and tai chi, and some deep inner work, I shed many of the skins I had been carrying around for all of my pre-menopausal life. 

Slowly and painfully, I peeled off the 'I'm not good enough' skin. The 'nobody will like me' skin. The 'I'm too scared' skin. And I discarded them, one by one. 

It's a work in progress, but I am finally discovering the real me. The Kath who was hidden under her skins. The skins of early childhood, primary school, high school, the workplace. The skins of marriage, of motherhood, of fear. 

I discovered that underneath my skins was a completely different woman.

And that's a damn good thing. 

And so I made a decision. 

I decided to make a different use of my professional background in research, science communication, editing, workshop  facilitation, training and coaching. 

I set up my new business, Kupala*, to help other woman going through the life-changing opportunity that is menopause. 

I aim to help women in the workplace and the community understand what they are going through and know that they are not alone. 

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*The story of Kupala

Kupala is the Eastern European Slavic goddess of water, fire, herbs and fertility.

With her twin brother, Kupalo, she is the basis of summer solstice celebrations in these countries.

I chose the name Kupala in recognition of my own Croatian heritage and because I feel Kupala celebrates the integration of women in the workplace and community, enabling them to shine.